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Understanding what employers are looking for and showcasing how you meet that need through your CV, not only increases your chances of securing an interview but is the foundation to everything that follows. It has a  positive impact on your interview technique and gives your confidence levels a boost. Want to know more?

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How will this course benefit you?

My experience tells me that whether you are looking for a new role, due to career change, returning to work, or because you have found yourself out of work unexpectedly, as a job seeker one of the best things I can do as your Career Coach, is support and encourage.

Knowing you have someone there, who is guiding and inspiring you to achieve your goals, along the way can make all the difference. As the job market changes and we face new challenges, it is not just the practical job search tools that will be key to your success. Knowing you have someone there, with you, keeping you focused and helping you maintain a positive mindset so you can achieve your goals, can make all the difference.

This is why I have chosen to collaborate with Kerry Skudder, Mindfulness Facilitator and Coach to create ‘Job Search Wellbeing’. Combining our experience, we can take a more holistic approach to how we support you as a job seeker with a range of services comprising Job Search Tools and Mindfulness Facilitation and Meditation. Together, we have taken what we believe is a totally unique approach to your job search journey with our programme which is designed to support you from the inside out.

This is why with every Job Search product you purchase includes a mindfulness and wellbeing product in the price. Practical tools to satisfy your body and mind.

Claire French – Career Coach

Kerry Skudder – Mindfulness Facilitator

Programme Content

Video 1: Job Loss Grief

Includes Video + Worksheet PLUS Mindfulness strategies Video
Recognising the feelings associated with job loss grief and your reactions. The impact of change and how to move forward. Resilience, the importance of planning, finding the right fit and regaining control.

Video 2: Job Search Plan

Includes Video + Worksheet + Job Search Timetable + Job Tracking & Feedback Form  PLUS Resilience and Mindfulness Video

Construct your plan, actions, and timeframe. Reflect, and research and discover what you want to do. Align your strengths with your career interests. Set goals that maximise your time.

Video 3: Transferable Skills

Includes Video + Worksheet including a list of Example Skills PLUS Guided Body Scan Mindfulness Video
Transferable skills explained and which ones are the most desirable by employers? How to explain and appreciate their value. Plus, industry terminology translated and how to transfer your skills across industry sectors.

Video 4: Job Search Strategies

Includes Video + Worksheet + Useful Websites PLUS Mindful Self-Compassion video 
Discover multiple job search methods and which ones suit you best. Plus, where to find ‘hidden’ jobs. Approach strategies, messaging and maximising your network.

Video 5: CV Writing & ATS

Includes Video + Worksheet + ATS CV Template + Action Words Worksheet PLUS The PAUSE Mindfulness Video
How to create a Master CV and match your skills to a specific job type. Create impact using action verbs and what you need to know about ATS the ‘bot’ responsible for reject or progress.

Video 6: Cover Letter Writing

Includes Video + Worksheet with examples PLUS Keep it Real Mindfulness video
The power of a confident Cover Letter which stands out and engages your future employer. What to include, Plus examples to help you on your way.

Video 7: Preparing for your job interview

Includes Video + Worksheet + STAR Matrix PLUS How We Speak to Ourselves Video 
The value of preparation, where to look and why. How to answer the questions job seekers find the most challenging. Plus, example practice questions.

Video 8: Interview Styles and Questions

Interview Styles and Questions: Includes Video + Worksheet + STAR Matrix PLUS Mindful Meditation video
There is more than just one style of interview, but what are they and how can you prepare for them and keep those nerves at bay? How to demonstrate your experience, feel more comfortable with talking about your experience without feeling you are “showing off”.

Video 9: Multiple Applications but No Offer

Includes Video + Worksheet PLUS Mindfulness Prepare for Anything and Everything 
What are the different stages of the application process? Which one is holding you back and what needs to change to maximise opportunities going forward?

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Monthly Subscription


  • 18 videos
  • All worksheets
  • All templates
  • 120 minutes One on One Coaching per month (across 2 sessions)
  • Select which coach you would like (this can change as your needs change)
  • Weekly Webinar (stay motivated, check-in + get your questions answered)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership

$295+ GST (first 10 customers)

Standard price $375 + GST (minimum subscription period 2 months)

Purchase videos


  • 1 Job Search video
  • Worksheet
  • Templates as applicable
  • Mindfulness video


Multi-purchase discounts
3 = $120+gst
5 = $180+gst
9 = $270+gst

Optional extras

Mock Interview (up to 1.5 hours) $135
CV Review $95
Cover Letter Review $95
Professional Profile Review $95
Mindfulness Training Course (3 1-hour sessions) $325
Additional one on one Coaching Session (up to 60 minutes) $150

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