Job Search Wellbeing Programme – Subscription

$295.00 / month

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Subscription includes:

  • 18 videos
  • All worksheets
  • All templates
  • 120 minutes One on One Coaching per month (across 2 sessions)
  • Select which coach you would like (this can change as your needs
  • Weekly Webinar (stay motivated and check-in + get your questions
  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership

10 in stock


How will this course benefit you?

My experience tells me that when looking for a new role, whether that be for a career change, returning to work, or because you have found yourself out of work unexpectedly, as a job seeker one of the best things I can do as a Career Coach, is support and encourage.

Knowing you have someone there, who is guiding and inspiring you with useful insights, along the way can make all the difference. As the job market changes and we face new challenges, it is not just the practical job search tools that will be key to your success but helping you stay focused and have a positive mindset.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible achieve their potential so they can lead happy and fulfilling lives. This is why I have chosen to collaborate and create ‘Job Search Wellbeing’. Taking a wider approach to supporting my clients, I am pleased to offer products which include mindfulness facilitation and meditation, presented to you by trained professionals in this field. By working together, we can provide a totally unique approach to your job search journey enabling us to support you from the inside out.

This is why every Job Search product you purchase includes a mindfulness and wellbeing product in the price. Practical tools to satisfy the body and mind.


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